Looking for affordable health insurance?  We’ve got you covered.

The Affordable Care Act has changed how you purchase your health coverage. The Health Insurance Marketplace is open and you still have time to find affordable coverage. In the Health Insurance Marketplace you will be able to shop for a health plan that fits your needs and your budget. If staying with your doctor is important, make sure they are covered under the plan you choose.

MDwise is the only insurance option in the Marketplace that covers the experts at Indiana University Health, ranked among the Top 1% of healthcare systems by U.S.News & World Report.

Time is running out to get covered in 2014, open enrollment ends
March 31.

Talk to a member of the MDwise team about the enrollment process and get help finding the plan for you by calling:


Finding a plan in the marketplace.

The Health Insurance Marketplace, which has also been called the Health Insurance Exchange, allows you to shop for a health plan that fits your needs and your budget. It’s possible that you could qualify for savings, which can include lower out-of-pocket costs for copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. You can apply for health insurance in the Marketplace online at www.healthcare.gov starting October 1.

This short infographic video helps to explain what Health Insurance Marketplaces are as part of health reform.

Want to know more about shopping for affordable health insurance in the Marketplace?

Video Provided by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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