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Educational Affiliation

Educational Affiliation Resources

This site is designed as a resource for educational institutions that either have an educational affiliation with IU Health or desire to enter into an affiliation agreement for student placement. The site also serves as a resource for students from affiliated educational institutions that will be doing an educational rotation at IU Health. 

Educational Institutions

If you have an interest in an affiliation with IU Health please see the procedure and request form links below. It should be noted that each of the IU Health facilities that you are requesting an affiliation with will require a separate affiliation agreement. The only exception is for the Academic Health Center (AHC) which includes Methodist, University and Riley Hospitals. The AHC is one affiliation agreement for all three facilities.

Affiliation Request Procedure

Affiliation Request Form

Student/Faculty Information

IU Health requires all students/faculty to provide certain information prior to starting an educational rotation. The required information is as follows:

  1. Complete a background check that includes a national criminal check, a check of sex offender registries and a check of the federal exclusions lists. For a list of criminal offenses which make a student ineligible to participate in an educational experience click here. If learner needs a background check please click on the link below to obtain a background check.

  2. Have the following vaccinations: mumps, rubella, varicella, measles, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, annual influenza, and Hepatitis B (or declination form) or shows appropriate antibody titer.

  3. Has had a TB test within the last 12 months.

  4. Have successfully passed a drug screen.

  5. Have completed either quantitative or qualitative fit testing for a N95 respirator. Only required for patient care related activities

  6. Has a current CPR/BCLS card if required by the clinical area where the experience will be conducted.

  7. Student will be required to provide information for IU Health to monthly check the federal exclusions list to ensure that the student is not on the list. The information required for this check will be provided by completing the Learner Demographic form. 

  8. Must possess health insurance.

Student must provide verification of the above items by completing the Learner Verification of Compliance and submitting required documentation. Please see link below for form. If the learner’s educational institution has an existing form that verifies the information it may be substituted for the IU Health form as long as all required data is included. 

Background Checks

Background Check Criteria

Learner Verification of Compliance Form

Learner Demographic Form

Nursing School Information

Nursing Schools Faculty Handbook

Nursing Schools Faculty and Student Orientation Checklist