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Emergency Medicine

  • Ready for life's 
unexpected moments.

    Ready for life's unexpected moments.

    Our experienced team of emergency physicians and trauma surgeons are on call every minute of ever.

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty dedicated to diagnosing and treating a wide range of distressing and life-threatening conditions as rapidly and effectively as possible. Every day, we treat people with a wide variety of emergency situations, including:

  • Trauma
  • Injuries requiring orthopedic care
  • Hand injuries requiring specialized surgery
  • Strokes
  • Injuries requiring neurosurgical care
  • Heart emergencies, including heart attack
  • Other surgical emergencies

These are the kinds of conditions that should bring you to the emergency department. For less serious conditions or injuries, it’s better to visit your doctor or an urgent care facility.

The state’s premier emergency network

Indiana University Health Emergency Medicine is a statewide network of emergency departments with exceptional teams of emergency medicine specialists. At IU Health hospitals throughout Indiana, our emergency teams are experienced with virtually every injury or condition that can arise in a large metropolitan or rural area. We treat hundreds of thousands of patients every year, including some of the most complex trauma cases. We’re skilled at providing excellent treatment efficiently and effectively any time, night or day.

Support services speed diagnosis and treatment

Supporting our emergency teams are lab and imaging services, many of which operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our emergency physicians have advanced diagnostic tools available that can help them make critical treatment decisions in minutes.

Also available to our emergency department teams are some of the finest medical specialists in Indiana. Our emergency medicine doctors call on orthopedic, cardiac, neurosurgery, cancer, pulmonary, transplant and other specialists to help make optimal treatment decisions as quickly as possible.


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We’re prepared to deal with even the most extreme emergencies

We have within our network Indiana’s most-established Level 1 Trauma Center and only pediatric Level 1 Trauma Center. Highly trained teams in these trauma centers are equipped to treat the most extreme and life-threatening injuries. Critically injured adults and children have every advantage when they arrive at these trauma centers.

In addition, Indiana University Health LifeLine provides emergency helicopter and ground critical care transport with high-level medical care in-flight or on the ground. IU Health LifeLine brings patients rapidly from remote areas or from community hospitals to our Level 1 Trauma Centers. Our aircraft are equipped with advanced mobile care technology, enabling exceptional care even before patients reach the hospital. Their on-board flight technology enables them to fly in situations when other emergency aircraft can’t, providing emergency airlift service even in extreme conditions.

We’re building the future

We’re conducting research intended to improve outcomes for critically ill and injured people who come to the emergency department. We’re also educating the next generation of emergency medicine specialists through our association with Indiana University School of Medicine. These new doctors participate in residencies and fellowships that allow them to learn best practices from our experts.

We also have a long history of research in such areas as:

  • Acute pain control
  • Clinical toxicology
  • Wound care
  • Emergency medical informatics
  • Emergency medical services (EMS, medical treatment outside the hospital)
  • Air and ground critical care transport
  • Ergonomics
  • Geriatrics

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