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EAP: Employee Services

Balancing work and life can be a challenge, especially in today’s world.  Even if we wake up with a solid plan for the day it can be altered in a moment by a sick child, traffic jams and delays, or an unexpected repair need at home. We can suddenly find in the course of our workday that we are covering for a sick coworker, we overlooked a detail the day before or we simply are tired due to lack of sleep. Whatever you are trying to balance, the IU Health Employee Assistance program can assist with confidential support, education, solutions and recommendations for your level of stress. 

EAP benefits are available to you and your eligible household members including spouse, significant others, domestic partners and children up to age 26. The employee does not need to participate in the EAP services with a family member.

We have counselors available where you live and work throughout the state of Indiana and Midwest. Our counselors hold a variety of degrees and licenses, including social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, substance abuse counselors and others. We offer skilled and professional services and maintain your confidentiality, within the requirements of the law.

Call to schedule an appointment from 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday at 317.962.8001.  Based upon the need, we can often offer same day sessions or time with a counselor within 48 business hours. We offer daytime, weekend and evening hours for appointments. Weekdays we have a counselor available for general phone consultation as well. After hours and on weekends, if you experience a crisis or urgent situation our counselor can be reached at 317.962.8001 by asking to speak to the on-call EAP counselor.

EAP helps employees cope with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Grief and loss related to death, divorce, life change and job transitions
  • Workplace or home relationship conflict
  • Family, marital and couples problems
  • Substance abuse of alcohol and drugs
  • Problem solving and education on ways to cope better

Is EAP Confidential?

EAP is confidential and follows all federal guidelines to protect your privacy. No information is released without your consent.  All records pertaining to EAP services are treated with strictest confidence in accordance of Federal Regulation (42CFR) part 2.

EAP is separate from human resources and no information will be recorded in your personnel file.

In the event you are in danger to yourself or someone else, a child is at risk or there is an imminent threat, action must be taken to protect lives in accordance with the law.