At Indiana University Health Frankfort Hospital, our anesthesiology specialists are dedicated to making sure you feel comfortable and as pain free as possible when you need a procedure or when you are dealing with a chronic (ongoing) or acute condition.

We provide sedation, surgical anesthesia and pain management for inpatient and outpatient services. Our care includes your safety whether you need sedation before, during or after a surgery or procedure, particularly in the area of endoscopy (a procedure where a long, flexible tube with a light and camera is used to view your digestive tract). We put our patients first by doing all we can to maximize comfort and minimize recovery time.

In the hospital, our anesthesia care team provides services for a wide variety of patients. Our anesthesia staff uses the latest knowledge to provide anesthesiology services while collaborating with other specialists, including gastroenterologists performing colonoscopies.

Our partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine allows our physicians to stay on the forefront of medicine and give you more options for sedation and pain relief.