Amounts Generally Billed

2018 Methodology for the Calculation of the Amounts Generally Billed (AGB)

Indiana University Health (IU Health) limits the amounts charged to all Uninsured Patients to not more than the AGB to patients who have insurance coverage for such care at the respective IU Health hospital facility where the patient received services.

IU Health employs the look-back method as the basis for calculating the AGB at each IU Health hospital facility. The AGB is calculated annually and is based on the annual average reimbursement received from all commercial health insurers and Medicare fee-for-service.

The AGB is calculated annually and is unique for each separately licensed IU Health facility covered under IU Health's Financial Assistance Policy. The AGB for IU Health Frankfort for 2018 is 56.51 percent. This AGB discount will be applied to an uninsured patient's qualifying facility services only.

The above mentioned AGB will be reflected on a qualifying patient’s monthly invoicing statements. All questions on a patient’s outstanding account balance may be directed to IU Health’s Customer Service Department. IU Health Customer Service representatives are available via telephone Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays, from 8 am — 7 pm Eastern Time.