Vendors Visitation-Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide standards for mitigating the influence of outside vendors on IU Health Frankfort physicians and staff in order to provide the best healthcare decisions in support of the IU Health Frankfort mission.


All IU Health Frankfort campuses


IUHF: IU Health Frankfort

Campus: IU Health Frankfort facilities and grounds

External Health Care Vendors: Any vendor promoting his/her individual company’s healthcare product for sales and educational purposes. Includes but not limited to, pharmaceutical, contrast, and nutritional products, medical device companies, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, long- term acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, and durable medical equipment, not employed by or associated with IU Health Partners.

Vendormate: Vendormate is an online third party vendor credentialing company providing vendor registration, vendor screening, document management, sign-in, and badges.


A. Those external healthcare vendors that offer services in which IU Health offers a similar product in this market, for example Home Care/DME, are prohibited from visiting any physician.

B. Pharmaceutical Representatives are not permitted to meet with any physicians or staff on campus except for the Director of Pharmacy or designee.

C. Pharmaceutical Representatives may meet with physicians or staff as necessary to assist with required Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) activities or clinical/investigational research. These activities must have prior approval by the Director of Pharmacy or designee.

D. Medical device and equipment external healthcare vendors are permitted on site to provide technical assistance and training only and must follow Vendormate guidelines.

E. Promotional/educational activities with IU Health staff must have prior approval of an Executive Leadership Team member.

F. Those external healthcare vendors permitted on campus are expected to follow the same standard of conduct of all IU Health Frankfort employees.

G. Each IU Health staff member having contact with an external healthcare vendor is responsible for ensuring vendors are aware of appropriate procedures and have followed them.

H. IU Health Frankfort discharge planners are committed to ensuring that free choice is guaranteed to IU Health Frankfort patients in accordance with Section 180Z of the Social Security Act.

I. Those external healthcare vendors permitted to call on physicians and staff at the hospital must register and follow Vendormate guidelines. You can access Vendormate at


A. All external healthcare vendors permitted on campus per the above policy statements must have an appointment with each individual they want to visit.

B. For the purpose of this policy, external healthcare vendors are not allowed to “market” their services directly to patients.

C. No product advertising, promotional items, brochures, or educational material may be displayed or left in public areas of IU Health Frankfort campuses. Any unauthorized material will be disposed of immediately and the company will be subject to disciplinary action.

D. Those external health vendor company ID badges must be visible at all times while on IUHF campus.

E. No food, gifts or promotional items may be brought to campus or provided to physicians at any time.

F. Policy Violation: Violation of any of the above policies/procedures shall result in discontinuation of services provided by the company representative to IU Health Frankfort, as follows:

1. The first infraction of any policy criteria shall result in a reminder about the policy and instructions on how to correct the infraction.

2. A second infraction shall result in a loss of permission to perform external vendor duties and conduct company business with IU Health Frankfort.

3. A third infraction shall result in a permanent loss of permission to perform external vendor duties and conduct company business with IU Health Frankfort.


Education & Research related activities approved by Executive Leadership Team member.


Compliance & Privacy Manager, Materials Management Manager, Executive Team, Administrators, Managers, All Staff


Chief Operating Officer