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Decline in Function

As we age, our cells and organs begin to lose their ability to function as well as they used to. You may find you cannot digest foods as well, handle strenuous activity or get over a cold as quickly as could when you were younger. These are normal parts of the aging process that our bodies are prepared to handle. For the most part, our organs continue to function adequately to allow us to go about day-to-day tasks without issue.

However, when chronic conditions (such as high blood pressure) also affect our organs, we start seeing more serious decline in function. This causes your heart and kidneys to have to work harder while they are already weaker than they were in your twenties and thirties.

When one organ or part of the body becomes weaker, it often affects other parts of the body. For instance, as your intestines age, you are less able to absorb nutrients such as calcium. This leads to a lower bone density, raising your risk of arthritis, osteoporosis and bone fractures.

To age healthily, you should look at improving your overall health through proper diet, exercise and avoiding bad habits like smoking. Indiana University Health physicians provide expert care for people over 65 to improve quality of life and slow decline in function. We help you stay on top of your health and improve conditions such as memory loss and depression that affect your ability to live a healthy, active life.

Our geriatric specialists are specifically trained in improving the quality of life for patients 65 and older. Our physicians coordinate your care with expert specialists and primary care physicians to ensure that the tests, medicines and other treatments you receive work best for you. We provide comprehensive, personalized care that focuses on maximizing your functions and increasing your abilities to perform daily tasks.

We are dedicated to getting to know you and all aspects of your life. Your first visit with our physicians will often take three hours to ensure that we build a strong relationship with you and your family. We strive to help you live a healthy, happy life and maintain open communication so that your concerns are addressed and your questions are answered.

At IU Health, we are committed to meeting the growing needs of our senior population. Through our partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine, we research senior health to find new treatments and solutions to diseases of aging. Our physicians are also training the next generation of geriatricians to ensure we continue to provide high-quality care to seniors in the future.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

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IU Health Geriatrics physicians offer specialized services for older adults with a focus on improving health, including:

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