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Depression in Older Adults

Depression is common among older adults, but it is not simply part of the aging process. Depression worsens the symptoms of your existing health conditions, causes you to lose sleep and prevents you from living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Depression affects the way your brain appears and functions. You may experience memory loss, inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite or dramatically increased appetite. Symptoms are different for everyone depending on how depression affects your brain.

Depression does not mean you are sad, as feelings of sadness for short periods of time are normal. Depression has far more debilitating effects on your emotional and physical health. You may feel any range of negative emotions, from anxiousness to irritability to hopelessness, for days, weeks and months. These emotions often keep you from going about your daily activities and cause you to believe that it would be impossible for your life to improve.

Indiana University Health physicians offer comprehensive care that covers all aspects of your physical and mental health. We understand how depression can have serious effects on other aspects of your health and decrease your quality of life. Our multidisciplinary team of physicians, social workers and nurses provide high-quality, personalized care, focused on giving you the support and resources you need to overcome depression.

Recovery from depression is more possible than ever. Many new medicines improve brain function, boosting your mood and alleviating the physical symptoms of depression. For older adults, these medicines mean fewer side effects and interactions with other medicines.

We strive to help you feel better by using the latest medicines and referring you to psychotherapy and support groups. We will coordinate your care with other physicians and monitor your condition to ensure you continue to improve.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Depression in Older Adults Treatment Information

IU Health Geriatrics physicians strive to improve your quality of life by increasing your mental health. If your mental health declines, your physical health may also be affected. We diagnose and treat depression through the following services:

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