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Falls & Mobility Issues

Falls pose a major threat to the health of senior adults. A fall can result in serious injury, from concussions to bone fractures. You are likely to experience a long healing time for these conditions, keeping you from living an active lifestyle that is essential for healthy aging.

Older adults experience more falls than younger adults for a variety of reasons. An increased amount of medicine and more side effects from medicines affect your balance and strength. Loss of muscle strength due to normal aging also plays a role.

Falls are particularly dangerous for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These patients are unable to play an active role in their rehabilitation, meaning a long recovery time spent in bed. The longer patients are bedridden, the more likely they are to develop secondary conditions such as pressure ulcers and infections.

Falls are highly preventable. The multidisciplinary team at Indiana University Health provides expert resources on the prevention of falls. From medicine management to home safety inspections, we offer services focused on protecting the health of people over the age of 65.

IU Health physicians work with you to ensure that you know your limits and provide education to make your home safer, such as installing ramps and handles. Strength-building exercises also improve your balance and reduce your risk for falling. Do not be afraid to ask for help standing, sitting and walking, or to ask your doctor about walkers or canes.

The physicians with IU Health provide expert assessment of mobility issues that cause falls. We are specially trained in understanding senior health issues, from decline in function to problems with medicines. We offer high-quality, personalized care for people age 65 and older that focuses on improving your quality of life. Our physicians will look at your overall health and coordinate your care to ensure that all aspects of your treatment work together toward a better outcome.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Falls & Mobility Issues Treatment Information

Our physicians strive to ensure that your environment, medicine and exercise keep your risk for falls low. We use comprehensive services to prevent falls, including:

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