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Medicine Problems

As you age, you likely have to begin taking more and more medicines to manage conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or arthritis. It can be confusing to keep medicines organized, and it takes a professional to understand how each medicine interacts with other medicines.

Because you are taking more medicines, they are more likely to interact and cause side effects that range from minor (like a headache) to severe (like stomach ulcers). Even dizziness or lightheadedness poses a risk of increased falls. Side effects can greatly affect your health and quality of life.

When you get older, you are also more likely to experience side effects caused by medicines. Usually medicines are absorbed into the blood, and then filtered out over time by your kidneys and liver. However, as we age, our kidneys and liver become less effective at removing drugs from our blood, allowing the drugs to build up over time and have a stronger effect than intended.

Indiana University Health physicians understand how medicines affect people over the age of 65. Our physicians coordinate your care with other physicians to ensure that you are receiving medicine in safe doses and that none of your medicines will interact in harmful ways.

Whenever you take a medicine, whether it is an over-the-counter or prescription medicine, be sure to talk to your physician about what you are taking and how it might affect your body. Our personalized approach to care promotes open communication, through 24-hour support via phone, for the monitoring and management of medicines and chronic illnesses. Our growing program recognizes the need to improve the quality of life for older adults and strives to assist you with issues with medicines, mood, memory and mobility.

In addition to clinical practice, many of our physicians are training the next generation of geriatric specialist fellows at Indiana University School of Medicine so that we continue to meet the unique needs of seniors.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Medicine Problems Treatment Information

IU Health Geriatrics physicians coordinate your care to ensure your medicines are not interacting poorly or causing other issues. We also provide:

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Medicine management is a vital service for older adults. Find out more about medicines and their effects on seniors at the following websites.