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A healthier and happier you

Don’t believe the rumors. You can lose weight, even if you’ve struggled with obesity your entire life. And you can learn to live a healthier, happier lifestyle without depriving yourself of the foods you love. In fact, our patients can’t wait to tell you how Indiana University Health Goshen Physicians Team:Bariatrics helped them change their lives forever.

To learn how Team:Bariatrics can do the same for you, attend one of our free seminars or request our complimentary resource packet filled with important information. You’ll receive:

  • DVD featuring testimony from three bariatric surgery patients
  • Guide dispelling common misconceptions about weight loss
  • Brochure outlining the Team:Bariatrics program

Don’t take our word for it. Let real people explain how, with the right support from IU Health Goshen Physicians Team:Bariatrics, they transformed their lives, inside and out.

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