IU Health Goshen Center for Cancer Care

Our Approach to Head & Neck Cancer

Integrated Care for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

At Indiana University Health Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we’ve created a comprehensive head and neck cancer treatment program committed to your overall health. It’s a commitment that reaches from your initial diagnosis to recovery and beyond.

Throughout treatment, we use an integrated approach to cancer care where physicians, dietitians, naturopathic oncologists and counselors all work together as a team. These specialists bring a number of disciplines – from leading-edge medical therapies and groundbreaking research to patient-specific clinical trials – to offer you the most complete care possible. Plus, you have access to a host of supportive services, including counselors, support groups and chaplains. Every day, this multidisciplinary team of specialists works together to share ideas and contribute to your individualized treatment plan. And in recovery, we teach you to maintain a healthier lifestyle to help prevent cancer from returning.

At IU Health Goshen Center for Cancer Care, we’ve created a place like no other. Working to heal you, not just treat your cancer.

The right treatments

TomoTherapy targeted radiation

One of the most advanced treatments to date, TomoTherapy® attacks a tumor from every angle with thousands of microscopic beams. This isolates and destroys cancer without damaging nearby healthy tissue, minimizing side effects and speeding recovery. 

Speech therapy helps reduce side effects

Speech therapy can help reduce the side effects of radiation for head and neck cancer. Our speech-language pathologists are an integral part of our team, and they help maintain each patient’s swallowing ability, speech and vocal quality throughout treatment.

Providing strategies to cope with treatment

Our comprehensive treatment program for head and neck cancer considers the whole person, physically and emotionally. Through our Mind-Body Connections Program, we teach you how to prepare for, cope with and reduce stress during treatment to improve outcomes.

About head and neck cancer

Of all the cancers diagnosed each year, 3 to 5 percent are head and neck cancers. In 2009, an estimated 48,010 people developed head and neck cancer. Tobacco use is responsible for 85 percent of all head and neck cancers, and 70 percent of all throat cancers are at an advanced stage when diagnosed. However, the number of people diagnosed with head and neck cancer due to tobacco use is decreasing. A growing number of cases are related to the human papilloma virus (HPV), and these have a better prognosis and chance for survival. In addition, new, revolutionary treatments, such as advanced surgical procedures, TomoTherapy® and high-dose rate brachytherapy, are now available at progressive treatment centers like IU Health Goshen Center for Cancer Care.