If you are looking for variety, our medical/surgical specialty unit includes both medical and general surgery patients. This unit greatly value assessment skills of the staff.

Medical/surgical units are a specialty themselves. Common medical diagnoses include COPD, CHF, diabetes, hypertension and CVA. We work closely with surgeons, internal medicine and family medicine physicians. Good working relationships with ancillary departments, such as physical and respiratory therapy, lab, discharge planning and social services, are also important.

Patient Population Age 13 to adults. 4 East patient population consists primarily of surgery patients with some medical patients. Surgery specialties include orthopedic, bariatrics and general. 4 West patient populations include primarily medical patients intermixed with minor surgical patients, some oncology and inpatient hospice.
Unit Size 4 East has 22 beds; 4 West has 23 beds; both with mix of semi-private and private
Nurse-to-Patient Ratio 1:4-5 for day shift; 1:5-6 for night shift
Rotations/Shifts Most RNs work 12-hour shifts from 0700-1900
Skill Mix  RNs with aides and unit secretaries
Orientation  Depends on the level of nursing experience. Graduate nurses generally have eight weeks of orientation. Graduate RNs participate in an internship class. All RNs are paired with a preceptor. Experienced RN orientation is four to six weeks. Orientation also includes our patient computer charting program.