Diabetes Education & Training Programs

Education – the cornerstone of diabetes management

It's a fact – the more you learn about how your diabetes affects you, the more you can control your overall health. That's why we offer comprehensive diabetes education and training at IU Health Goshen Hospital.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or need a refresher, we have classes, seminars and one-on-one training to help you.

The right program for you

Individual and classroom training sessions offer real-life guidance and ongoing support.

  • Insulin pump and personal glucose monitor use
  • Continuous glucose monitor sensor use
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Medication requirements
  • Exercise/Physical activity
  • Goal setting/Problem solving

Other resources available include a computer center where you can download data from your blood glucose meter, insulin pump or continuous glucose monitor sensor. You also can take advantage of weekly meetings with a diabetes educator to review your meals and/or blood glucose log.

Rest assured that your referring physician always receives and monitors your data to make sure your diabetes remains under control.

Take the first step

You need a physician referral to participate in most IU Health Goshen Hospital Diabetes Education Programs.

  • Request a referral from your primary care physician
  • Or call 574.364.2746 to talk with one of our diabetes educators. We can help you get the necessary referral from your healthcare provider.

Free classes and programs

These classes do not require a physician's referral:

  • Prevention seminars on adult Type 2 diabetes
  • Fit Together prevention program for children at risk for Type 2 diabetes and their parents
  • Support group meetings
  • Diabetes education seminars

Diabetes Support Groups

You and your family can participate in support groups. A diabetes coordinator leads the group meetings with discussion about relevant topics. Plus you have plenty of time to ask questions and get answers.

Four times a year, you can hear special speakers talk about living with diabetes and participate in activities during a large group seminar.

The Diabetes Support Group in Goshen is a free service, and no registration is required.

Call 574.364.2931 or 574.364.2746 for more information.

The diabetes education program at IU Health Goshen Hospital is accredited by the American Diabetes Association. Medicare and most health plans consider diabetes self-management training a covered benefit.

Goshen Fit Together

Fit Together is a free program for kids ages 7 to 11 years of age and their parents focusing on diabetes prevention. This class is designed for children who may be at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, may be overweight or have a family history of diabetes. This educational program includes fun, physical activities and nutrition lessons to help lower the risk of developing diabetes.

To register for Goshen Fit Together, click here.

Diabetes Programs at the Center of Healing and Hope

This is a free service, no registration required.

Call 574.364.2931 or 574.364.2746 for more information about Living with Diabetes Education & Training Programs at IU Health Goshen Hospital.