IU Health Goshen Heart & Vascular Center

The strength it takes to save lives and limbs

We offer a unique and collaborative approach to patient care at Indiana University Health Goshen Heart & Vascular Center. Here, our cardiologists, together with radiologists, surgeons and neurologists, operate as one. Each specialist brings specific expertise to the table, and each plays a part in determining what is best for you.

This rare combination allows us to perform extraordinarily complex procedures that enable us to save lives and limbs – often when others can’t.

Life-saving advances

You can rest assured that, at IU Health Goshen Heart & Vascular, you can receive comprehensive heart and vascular services, preventive care and the best possible medicine. Our award-winning program includes:

  • Door-to-balloon times twice as fast as the national average. That means the amount of time it takes to treat a heart attack patient once the patient enters our Emergency Department. Less treatment time improves a patient’s outcome.
  • Communication systems in local ambulance units. Our high-tech Remote Stemi Activation system streamlines patient information to all devices so our hospital clinicians can better prepare for a patient’s arrival and treatment needs. The system saves both lives and serious damage to heart muscle.
  • Minimally invasive limb-saving techniques. Our integrated team of experts works together to find the best technique for revascularization of the lower extremities. The techniques we use are designed to improve circulation and can potentially revive an endangered limb.
  • Health screenings and risk assessments offered free or at a reduced cost. You can take the first step in discovering a life-threatening condition by getting these routine screenings and assessments. We also can help you reverse or correct potentially threatening conditions with lifestyle changes or early medical intervention – before you have a health emergency.

Call 877.566.4460 for more information about our specialized services for heart and vascular patients.