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Indiana University Health LifeLine provides emergency critical care transport by air with an Eurocopter 145 (EC145), the largest, most advanced helicopter for medical air transport in the nation. The EC145 has advanced avionics and features that include:

  • Larger Cabin Size – The larger cabin size allows full body access to patients during transport. The larger size also gives us the ability to bring more crew members and better equipment onboard. Additional equipment may include blood, VADs, baby podsisolettes or balloon pumps.
  • Dual Engines – The EC145’s dual engines create an extra level of safety. In the instance one engine would fail, the second engine provides backup to prevent total engine failure.
  • GPS – The aircraft’s GPS directs pilots exactly where they need to go. Additionally, GPS Approach feature can be activated in inclement weather and low light conditions to help the pilot land safely and properly.
  • Satellite Tracking – The satellite tracking feature allows our team, the IU Health 24/7 Transfer Center and the receiving team to know exactly where the patient is in the transport route - down to the minute of the patient’s arrival.
  • HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System) – Provides pilots with life-saving technology that increases safety of flight. Pilots receive graphical and audible alerts when potential terrain and obstacle conflicts arise during the flight path. This system detects the aircraft’s surroundings, providing avoidance alerts, giving the pilot more time to maneuver and clear interfering terrain.
  • Weather Radar – The weather radar on every EC145 allows pilots to foresee any dangerous weather conditions that may affect flight capabilities. Pilots put special focus on the weather conditions before they agree to any flight transport.

The mechanics are experts on helicopters and the EC145, maintaining a routine maintenance schedule to keep our machines in 100 percent working order.

We pride ourselves on operating the best machine in the industry. Our standard of service is unequaled and permeates everything we do at IU Health LifeLine. The EC145 allows us to deliver the nationally recognized IU Health standard of care from patient pick-up to delivery.