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Indiana University Health LifeLine employs highly-experienced and professional aviators. Many of our pilots are retired veterans with diverse aviation backgrounds as a result of many years of experience in the military, civilian and law enforcement service.

Our pilots must meet very strict FAA regulations and program requirements which place them above the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) industry standard. In addition, all of our pilots must complete a minimum of 2,500 flight hours before putting on a LifeLine flight suit. As a LifeLine pilot they complete over 40 hours of training annually which includes quarterly in aircraft flight training, annual full motion flight simulators and quarterly online training. This training allows our pilots to remain current and proficient in our advanced fleet of IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) certified aircraft. Along with these industry leading flight requirements they also maintain a Class I FAA aviation flight physical that requires semiannual medical evaluations from an FAA certified physician.

What Makes IU Health LifeLine Unique

Full-Motion Simulation
We demand a higher level of training from our pilots to increase efficiency and safety. The simulation training process that all IU Health LifeLine pilots must complete is unique because there are very few full-motion simulators for helicopter training opportunities located in the United States.

Crew Resource Management
Aviation and clinical crews undergo annual Crew Resource Management (CRM) refresher training. CRM specifically teaches fluid communication and procedural interaction during all phases of flight and patient handling. It is designed to improve safety, operational efficiency and patient outcomes in a high stress and critical enviroment.