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Ophthalmic Pathology


  • Corneal biopsies, buttons and scrapings
  • Cytology of vitreous and aqueous fluids
  • Enucleations, eviscerations, exenterations
  • Eyelid biopsies
  • Iris biopsies
  • Lacrimal system
  • Extraocular muscle biopsies
  • Optic nerve and optic nerve meninges
  • Orbital tissues
  • Temporal artery
  • Slide consultations

Meet the Ophthalmic Pathology team of physicians

  • José M. Bonnin, MD


    Education: MD National University of Asuncion, Paraguay; Resident in Pathology, Danbury Hospital; Fellow in Neuropathology, University of Virginia
    Board Certification: Diplomate of the American Board of Pathology in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
    Subspecialty Certification: Neuropathology
    Special Interest: Neuropathology and Ophthalmic pathology
    Address: Indiana University Health Pathology Laboratory
    350 West 11th St., Room 4038
    Indianapolis, IN 46202-4108
    Phone: 317.491.6362
    Fax: 317.491.6172
    Pager: 312.7261

Expeditious Turn Around Time

  • 24-hours for most ophthalmic specimens (unless special studies are necessary for diagnosis)
  • Same-day interpretation on slide consultations
  • Five working days for enucleation and exenteration specimen

Personalized Communication

  • A confirmation is faxed upon receipt of the specimen identifying the pathologist interpreting the case and providing contact numbers.
  • The pathologist contacts the submitting physician when the biopsy findings require discussion. A faxed final report will follow.
  • The pathology outreach coordinator makes regular contact with your office to ensure quality of service.

Specimen Preparation and Transportation

  • Complete the requisition form and fax the form and the patient's demographic information to 317-491-6419 before sending the biopsy.
  • Place the specimen in the proper fixative (indicated below) and transport in a leak-proof hard plastic container placed in a zip-lock bag along with the submission form and all accompanying information, including the most recent clinical information.
  • Place all in a box or mailing tube filled with packing materials (paper towels, etc.)

Specimen Collection

  • Autopsy eye, ciliary body, conjunctiva, enucleation, evisceration, exenteration, eyelid, iris, lacrimal system, muscle, optic nerve, pterygium, skin, trabecular meshwork, temporal artery biopsy: 10 percent neutral bufferd formalin
  • Corneal Buttons: Formalin is not a universal fixative for corneal tissue. Please call 800.433.0740 before surgery when the anticipatited diagnosis will require the following:
    • electron microscopy
    • immunofluorescence or
    • the detection of crystalline substances, as fixation depends of the type of test required
  • Foreign Body: Please call 1.800.433.0740 before sending.
  • Slide and Block Consultation: Place slides in a plastic slide mailer - do not send in a flat cardboard or plastic mailer.
  • Special Procedure Specimen Collection - Call 800.433.0740 prior to surgery.
  • Corneal Scrapings for Acanthamoeba: Transport in Saccomanno fixative
  • Electron Microscopy: Transport half of the specimen in 2.5 percent glutaraldehyde and half in 10 percent neutral buffered formalin.
  • Fine Needle Aspiration and Vitreous (intraocular biopsy, fluid and eye tissue fragments): Transport in an equal amount of Saccomanno fixative.
  • Immunohistochemistry and Metabolic Diseases (gout, cystinosis, storage disease) - Call for specific instructions.