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Thanks to the advanced technologies of Indiana University Health Telemedicine, physician specialists from IU Health can "meet" with patients and physicians hundreds of miles away -- without ever traveling to that location. Using advanced video conferencing technology, IU Health Telemedicine offers live, interactive consultations between patients and providers. Telemedicine users hail from many regions of Indiana -- from as far north as South Bend to as far south as Evansville.

Patients participating in IU Health Telemedicine experience the same level of service they would receive during an in-person visit to their physician. Patients visit a clinic in their local community and have a live "tele-appointment" with a IU Health specialist in Indianapolis -- from IU Health Methodist Hospital, IU Health University Hospital or Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Other benefits include:

  • Removing Time and Space
  • Virtual access to IU Health specialists statewide
  • Customizable, innovative, mobile solutions
  • Dedicated IU Health Telemedicine technical support 24 x 7

Prior to a patient's visit, clinic personnel at the patient’s location provide all pertinent medical information to the IU Health physician. The telecommunication lines used to transmit the video and audio signals during the visit, also transmit clinical files -- EEGs, X-rays and echocardiograms -- so that the physician specialist has all the necessary and appropriate clinical information for each patient. "Real time" patient diagnostic information is shared with the help of digital clinical devices such as a digital stethoscope.

Participating physicians will then send the visit dictations back to the patient’s clinic so that the patient’s record can be updated. Clinic nurses are present during every visit to assist the off-site provider and provide follow-up instructions to the patient based on the physician's recommendations.