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Telemedicine Benefits

The convenience of Indiana University Health Telemedicine benefits both patients and physicians. Telemedicine increases patient satisfaction, enables physicians to care for more patients, and see some patients within shorter time frames than a typical in-person appointment. Ninety-eight percent of patients surveyed would use the telemedicine program again and would recommend it to a friend.

Additional Patient Benefits

  • Through a telemedicine appointment, patients can often be seen by a specialist much sooner than if they had waited for a traditional office visit.
  • Patients have an extra level of flexibility and access, particularly with Medicaid and some insurance plans now covering appointments via telemedicine. Indiana Medicaid now reimburses for medical services provided by telemedicine. The state recognizes this technology offers the same level of high-quality healthcare, enabling substantial cost savings by avoiding unnecessary transportation on the part of patients and consulting physicians.

Additional Physician Benefits

  • Physicians can cut wait time for new patients as well as opening clinic time for all patients.
  • Telemedicine often decreases frequent travel to clinic sites throughout the state. With initial and follow-up appointments requiring less time, more of it can be devoted to surgery and treatment care, or outside pursuits.
  • Physicians can bill for telemedicine services just as for traditional services, as opposed to traditional telephone or e-mail consultations, thus adding a new revenue source to their practice.
  • Telemedicine is often ideal for following up with patients who live a long distance from the site of their initial procedure.
  • By scheduling numerous appointments in multiple locations throughout the state in one block of time, physicians can see a number of patients in a relatively short period.
  • Nurse practitioners often use telemedicine, allowing departments to increase patient load and operate more efficiently.
  • The telemedicine program provides an even higher level of quality care to your physician partners. It is another way to build relationships and offer "face time" without the travel involved.
  • Patient "no -show" rates are lower with telemedicine.