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Angina is severe chest pain that occurs when part of your heart does not receive enough blood. It is most commonly a symptom of coronary heart disease, a condition in which a waxy substance called plaque builds up along your artery walls, reducing blood flow to the heart muscle and putting you at risk of a heart attack.

Many people describe angina as pressure in their chest, while others feel pain radiate into their shoulders, neck or jaw.

Not all chest pain is a sign of coronary heart disease. Sometimes chest pain is related to a panic attack, aortic stenosis or other conditions. Indiana University Health Heart & Vascular physicians provide expert diagnosis and treatment of angina and heart disease. Always see a physician when you experience chest pain to ensure you get the assistance you need.

IU Health Heart & Vascular Care physicians provide the latest diagnosis and treatment options for angina and heart disease. Our physicians have years of experience in heart care and help more patients improve their heart health every year than any other health system in Indiana.

Our physicians are dedicated to providing you with high quality, comprehensive care when you need it, from Level One emergency care that assures great communication and speed, to rehabilitation in the comfort of your home. We will work with you every step of the way, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery, to get you back to a healthy, active lifestyle.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Angina Treatment Information

IU Health Heart & Vascular Care physicians offer advanced treatment options for angina and its underlying causes, including:

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Angina is a serious condition. Learn more about your risk for angina and coronary heart disease at the websites below.