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Cardiovascular Care in Athletics

Sports cardiology is a medical specialty that focuses on helping athletes of all levels stay healthy and active. The Indiana University Health Center for Cardiovascular Care in Athletics provides comprehensive sports cardiology care for high school, college, professional, amateur, masters, recreational and occupational athletes.

Our doctors provide assessments and treatment plans tailored to keep you active in your sport while working to reduce and/or treat any possible cardiovascular disorders that could compromise your performance and safety. Our team is uniquely poised to assist you by enhancing your athletic performance or physical fitness, preventing acute or chronic disease and extending your athletic career.

Our center is one of fewer than 10 such programs in the country, and we pride ourselves in being on the leading edge of the young field of sports cardiology.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Cardiovascular Care in Athletics Treatment Information

The IU Health Center for Cardiovascular Care in Athletics specializes in individualized care. Your customized treatment plan will be based on the activity or sport in which you participate and your heart health. We evaluate your heart health by looking at your medical history and performing tests.

We care for athletic individuals of all ages who have experienced a cardiac event, who have been identified as high-risk for a cardiovascular condition or who are interested in learning more about the relationship between athletic activity and their unique cardiovascular risks.

We also see athletes who have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and want to know how they can get back to being active while managing their risks for another cardiovascular incident.

Services provided by our doctors include:

The main groups of patients we treat are:

While we always strive to help athletes quickly return to participating in the activities they love, the key tenet of our center is cardiovascular safety. As part of your comprehensive safety evaluation, we also gather performance data that you can use to better understand and improve your athletic performance when it is safe for you to return to your previous level of activity.

Sports Cardiology Performance Lab

The IU Health Center for Cardiovascular Care in Athletics provides stress testing for athletes through its Sports Cardiology Performance Lab. This unique lab—designed for athletes—is one of only a few such labs in the U.S.

The majority of athletes we see will come through this lab at some point. In the lab, we offer cardiopulmonary exercise testing as part of the safety evaluation and clinical evaluation of athletes. Athletes who come to the lab will be closely monitored while they undergo activities that mimic athletic competition or training, such as running, biking and sprinting. 

Cardiovascular Care in Athletics Locations & Physicians

We are located at: 

1801 N. Senate Blvd.
Suite 4000
Indianapolis, IN 46202

To make an appointment, please call 317.962.9455 or email us at