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Enteral Nutrition

If you cannot eat because of an illness, surgery or other problem, you can still get the nutrition you need. Enteral nutrition (tube feeding) delivers a liquid food mixture directly to your stomach or small intestine through a tube. At Indiana University Health, we provide the education, services and support you need to be successful at home enteral nutrition.

Your physician may order enteral nutrition when at least part of your digestive system is working, but you cannot eat enough to meet your body’s requirements. This may be because of difficulty swallowing, lack of appetite or other factors. Our dietitians, nurses and other team members provide home enteral nutrition to adults and children with a wide variety of conditions. Examples of conditions where this treatment can be useful include pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), cerebral palsy, gastroparesis and head and neck cancer.

Most people receive home enteral nutrition only for a short time until they can eat again. However, this therapy can also be your nutrition source for a longer period or even indefinitely, depending on your condition. Many methods, equipment types and liquid food formulas are available. If you receive enteral nutrition for only a few days or weeks, you might use a nasal tube, which is passed through the nose and into the stomach. For longer-term feeding, a surgeon creates a hole in your abdomen where a tube is inserted directly.

We work closely with your physician to make sure you receive optimal nutrition at home. Our nutrition experts provide the tools and training to make enteral nutrition work for you.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Enteral Nutrition Treatment Information

Our enteral nutrition services include:

Enteral Nutrition Support Services

More information on enteral nutrition is available from these organizations:

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