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Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition in which your heart cannot pump enough oxygenated blood to meet your body’s needs. It is caused by a variety of conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart valve disease, heart rhythm disorders, heart disease or an infection in the heart tissue.

Heart failure is a life-threatening condition. Though it does not mean your heart completely stops working, it does harm your organs and entire body because the pumping action of the heart muscle is not efficient. When your heart cannot pump blood efficiently, your kidneys cannot properly rid your body of toxins and fluids, and they build up in your blood, putting pressure on your other organs and harming their ability to work correctly as well. People with heart failure are at a high risk of kidney failure, liver failure, stroke and pulmonary edema (which is fluid buildup in the lungs).

Heart failure has no cure, but advanced treatments can help you live an active life. Indiana University Health physicians offer a full range of treatment options, from advice and assistance in making appropriate lifestyle and diet changes, to medicine, and even heart transplantation. Our physician-led teams provide comprehensive care to meet your physical, social and emotional needs related to heart failure.  

Our physicians have years of experience treating complex heart conditions, and we provide a full range of treatments and options. From being the first private hospital in the nation to perform a heart transplant to being home to the inventor of the implantable cardioverter, Indiana University Health has long led the state in leading edge treatment of heart failure. 

Taking your medicines as prescribed, making lifestyle changes and recognizing changes in your health are important in managing heart failure. Our home care services are available to help you manage your care for the best possible results. Our home care team has an established Heart Failure Program where our nurses and other highly skilled healthcare professionals work closely with you and your physician to design a personalized home care plan based on your needs and preferences.

How We Can Help

Heart Failure Treatment Information

IU Health physicians are experts in the treatment of heart failure, including the advanced services below:                       

Services to help you manage heart failure at home include:

Heart Failure Locations & Physicians

Phone: 317.962.4600
TF Phone: 800.258.9530

Phone: 765.747.3009
TF Phone: 866.779.7001

Phone: 765.838.5750
TF Phone: 866.865.4896

Phone: 812.353.3104
TF Phone: 800.245.0261

Heart Failure Support Services

Many online resources host education and support for patients with heart failure. Explore the websites below to learn more:

Heart Failure Patient Stories