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Home Infusion

Receiving intravenous (IV) medicine through a needle or catheter is known as infusion therapy.   One common type of infusion that can be administered at home is antibiotic medicine to treat infections. Your physician may prescribe home IV antibiotics because oral (taken by mouth) antibiotics are not effective for every infection.

IV antibiotic treatment often begins when you are staying in the hospital, where physicians run tests to find out what kind of infection you have and which antibiotic to use. However, in some cases you may be able to start IV antibiotics at home without a hospital stay.

The infusion pharmacy of Indiana University Health Home Care provides IV antibiotics in a user-friendly dosage form to treat a wide variety of conditions at home. Examples include bacterial pneumonia, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and bloodstream infections. Patients of all ages can receive home IV antibiotics. In addition to medication, we provide supplies, education and assistance to ensure your success.

Our infusion pharmacists and nurses ensure that your IV antibiotic treatment is as simple, safe and effective as possible. We work closely with your physician to monitor your progress and make sure you receive the treatment you need. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible health in the comfort of home. 

Home Infusion Locations

Phone: 317.962.4600
TF Phone: 800.258.9530

Phone: 765.747.3009
TF Phone: 866.779.7001
Phone: 765.838.5750
TF Phone: 866.865.4896

Phone: 765.838.5750
TF Phone: 866.865.4896

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Home Infusion Treatment Information

We provide everything you need for successful home infusion treatment. Our services include:

Home Infusion Support Services

More information on home IV antibiotics is available from these organizations:

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