Our Emergency Department was literally built from the ground up. Our dedicated staff had a great deal of input and strived to design it from a customer service point of view. When it opened in 2002, it doubled in size from its previous 4,500 square feet to 9,100 square feet.

The roof of the second floor contains a helicopter pad and private elevator, enabling us to quickly transfer patients needing specialized care for critical situations such as severe trauma or burns.

Our Emergency Department also features:

  • Surgical lighting in all examination rooms
  • All large multi-functional examination rooms with curtains and sliding glass doors to assure privacy
  • Private elevator to the helipad, second and third floors
  • Cardiac care equipment in all examination rooms
  • Centrally located, 360 degree visibility nursing station
  • Designated x-ray room directly next to the emergency department
  • Large, comfortable waiting room, and private family waiting and conference area
  • Separate children’s play area
  • Volunteer staffed reception desk
  • Vending machines

When the unexpected happens, rest assured that our excellent physicians and nursing staff will provide exceptional care when you need it the most.