Children’s Fund

The Foundation accepts donations to provide items for children during their stay or visit to IU Health La Porte Hospital. Items include blankets & stuffed animals, games, videos & toys; books & coloring/activity items and more. Our hope is to make each child's stay or visit a little easier.

Make a monetary donation to the Children's Fund

The Children's Fund is also used to support the Lil' F.I.S.H. Club. The Lil' F.I.S.H. Club is a health and wellness initiative incorporated into the curriculum of several schools throughout La Porte and Starke counties.

"I learned that the messages on food boxes are sometimes commercials and don't really tell you if the food is good for you!" - Jordan Winters

"Lil' F.I.S.H. Club will help me make the right decisions because it has helped me think of the consequences and have enough self-esteem to say 'No' before its too late." - Erin Johnson

Meet Jordan and Erin, fifth grade students and graduates of the Lil' F.I.S.H. Club program.

Donate Items to the Children's Fund

Books - Must be new or in like new condition and appropriate for ages 0 – 12.

Stuffed animals - Must be new or in like new condition with no removable parts, and be of a washable material with polyester filling.

Quilts - Must be of a thin thickneess only. Please do not include filling and do not tie with yarn. Quilt sizes are 30" by 35" and 72" by 80".

Knitted or crocheted Blankets - Must be made of  non-allergenic yarn that can be washed and dried.