Heart Cart Mobile Screening Unit

The Heart Cart Mobile Screening Unit: 
Preserving Hearts, Protecting Lives

The Heart & Vascular Center developed the Heart Cart Mobile Screening Unit to help individuals identify risks for heart and vascular disease, including heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, and other life-threatening conditions. The goal is to improve our community’s health, one person and one loved one at a time.

The Heart Cart Mobile Screening Unit offers a complete screening package with exceptional value not available through any other local mobile screening service. A Board Certified physician reviews the results, giving you a comprehensive picture of your cardiovascular health.

The Heart Cart Mobile Screening Unit takes caring on the road and is available to come to your church, business, or community group. The price for the entire screening is only $50 per person (a $1,200 value).

Recently added to the long list of services of the Heart Cart is the VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) Cholesterol Test. This simple blood test identifies 15 hidden risks that the standard, 30-year-old lipid blood test may miss. The complete test is offered for an additional $39; no physician order is required.

To schedule your screening, call 219.326.2626 or toll-free 800.235.6204, ext. 2626.

When a local business wanted to offer convenient and affordable heart and vascular screenings to their employees, they knew exactly who to call.

Becky Coates, of Kenco Plastics, Inc., simply called 219.326.2626 and scheduled a Heart Cart Mobile Screening Unit visit with the Cardiovascular Nurse Navigator of IU Health La Porte Hospital. Soon after, about 33 employees participated in the comprehensive screenings on site in the convenience of their own conference room.

The 30-plus year, family-owned company decided to pay for the discounted screening as a wellness benefit to their employees. The biggest benefit of the Heart Cart was the convenience.

“To have the Heart Cart come to us and do the screenings on site was so easy,” Coates said. “The Heart Cart is something we can offer that is cost effective for our business and beneficial to employees as well.”

One employee called the Heart Cart “an excellent service,” and was impressed with the follow-up after the screenings, which included taking the results to his family physician. Another employee, who had abnormal screening results, began taking steps toward preventing further blockage in her carotid artery. She said the screening was “useful,” considering what might have happened if the abnormal results hadn’t been detected early.

“The screenings were appreciated and something I think we all needed,” Coates added. “Our employees are now thinking of their health and making changes.”

The Heart Cart Screening includes:

Cholesterol and Glucose Test
A certified finger stick for cholesterol and glucose levels. A 10-hour fast is required.

Peripheral Vascular Screening
A blood pressure reading is the arms and the ankles to screen for blockages in vessels throughout the body.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screen
Aortic aneurysms are hereditary. An ultrasound of this large artery checks for bulges or weaknesses. Ruptures can be fatal.

Carotid Artery Screen
An ultrasound of the neck arteries to check for blockages that could contribute to stroke.

Electrodes on the skin measure heart rate and rhythm.

Metabolic Syndrome Risk Identification
A cluster of risk factors may indicate heart disease or diabetes. Doctors will look at the screening results to see if you are at risk.

Framingham Risk Analysis
Combines the results of several factors of the overall screening to determine the percent risk for heart attack and stroke over 10 years.

Who should be screened?
If you are 40+ with no prior diagnosis of heart or vascular disease, have at least two of the following risk factors, or are interested in seeing if your lifestyle or medication regime is working, you should be screened:

  • Family history of heart or vascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Lack of exercise
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Overweight
  • Sedentary lifestyle

The Heart Cart Mobile Screening Unit is available to come to your church, business or community group. Price for the entire screening is $50 per person (a $1,200 value), and is payable by cash, check, or credit card. In order to offer this service at a discount to the community, IU Health             La Porte Hospital does not bill insurance. Patients are responsible for payment in full. To schedule your screening, call 219.326.2626.