Education & Coaching

Creating positive lifestyle behaviors is challenging in today’s environment, but the resources you need are just a phone call away. The Wellness Center provides educational programs that encourage individuals to make a positive change in their life. Through these programs, participants will learn to maintain or improve their health by choosing healthy behaviors. Coaching is available to assist with the process.

Education Programs

For more information or to register for a program listed, please call The Wellness Center at 219.326.2048.

Weight Management Opportunities

Personal Health Coaching Program

Take advantage of a unique, one-on-one coaching approach to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals. Intrinsic Coaching® will help you explore, discover and uncover an individualized plan that will work for you. It provides support and teaches you how to intentionally make healthier choices based on your lifestyle.

Program includes:

  • Six, 20-minute, one-on-one
  • Intrinsic Coaching® sessions
  • Initial weigh-in with periodic follow-up weigh-ins
  • Body mass index and body fat analysis
  • Cholesterol and blood sugar baseline level (fasting)

Fee: $75. Payment options include: cash, check or credit card. Discount for IU Health employees, retirees and volunteers (wellness dollars/payroll deduction available).

Nutrition Classes

Nutrition classes offer a new perspective on how to modify your food plan and intentionally make healthier food choices in only 45 minutes per class.

Dining Out — Learn strategies for selecting the best food choices for healthy eating while dining out.

  • Second Tuesday each month at 10:00 am
  • Second Wednesday each month at 5:00 pm

Heart Healthy Grains — Explore the difference between whole grains and refined grains and learn more about which grains to include in your diet.

  • Third Tuesday each month at 10:00 am
  • Third Wednesday each month at 5:00 pm

Fats: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly — Discover the difference between good and bad fats and learn which to include in your diet.

  • Fourth Tuesday each month at 10:00 am
  • Fourth Wednesday each month at 5:00 pm

Fee: Free to Wellness Center members, $5 per class for non-members

Preventing Diabetes Classes

Meet with a Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator to learn effective strategies to prevent and/or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Fee: Free to Wellness Center members, $5 per class for non-members.

Weight Watchers®

The Wellness Center is a host site for Weight Watchers® meetings. These meetings provide support in a group setting and encourage healthy eating, increased physical activity and healthy weight management behaviors.

Fee: determined by the national Weight Watchers® program.

Nutrition Education and Medical Nutrition Therapy

A registered dietitian is available to design a meal plan that will help you manage a medical condition, such as diabetes, cardiac, renal or digestive problems, hypertension, or pregnancy.

This program includes an individualized nutrition assessment, which includes a diet history, and specific strategies for healthy eating and/or weight loss. Follow-up and support are also available. For more information, call 219.325.7632.

Diabetes Education Program

Nationally recognized and certified by the American Diabetes Association, the Diabetes Education Program offers resources for individuals to obtain knowledge and tools to live a healthy life. Our team of experts includes a Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator and a Registered Dietitian, who work closely with your personal physician. The program is individualized to meet each patient’s needs, including medication and/or insulin education, insulin pump training, gestational diabetes care, and creative meal planning. Individual appointments and group classes are available. For more information, contact 219.326.2478.

The La Porte Hospital Foundation Diabetes Fund helps to provide education for patients as well as community awareness about diabetes. Click here to make a donation.

Choose To Be ~ Tobacco Free

A unique approach to quitting tobacco, this free program is designed to help an individual explore, discover and uncover a plan that will work for them. Six-week group sessions are available throughout the year, at a cost of $60 per participant.

Individualized Intrinsic® one-on-one coaching is also available at a cost of $150.

For more information, call 219.326.2048.