VNA HomeCare

Welcome Health to Your Home

It has been said that home is where the heart is, but living at home independently may be difficult for individuals experiencing health problems. Indiana University Health La Porte VNA Services provides home-based health services for those recuperating from an illness or learning to cope with chronic disease and disability. IU Health La Porte VNA Services offers care throughout the region.

Receiving Skilled HomeCare:

Nursing — A registered nurse develops the plan of care with the patient and family, provides nursing care and coordinates other need services. The nurse will identify other conditions related to HomeCare such as safety, family assistance and nutrition.

Home Health Aide — Home health aides are trained to assist with personal care, and they are certified to work under the supervision of the registered nurse. Their duties may include bathing and skin care, shampooing and hair care, assistance with simple exercises and blood pressure, pulse and temperature monitoring.

Physical Therapy — A physical therapist evaluates muscle strength and joint and muscle pain. The therapist will work with the patient and family to develop a plan of care, which may include instruction on the use of upper extremities, assistance and instruction in learning ways to adapt to disabilities and education on devices and aids to accommodate disabilities.

Speech/Language Therapy — Speech pathologists help with problems related to speech, hearing, memory and communication. A plan of care may include improving memory, relearning speech, writing and reading skills, motor function for swallowing and/or voice strengthening exercises.

Dietetic Services — Registered dietitians provide nutritional screening and education.

Social Services — A major illness or disability is a time of emotional and often financial strain. The social worker can advise patients and family members regarding personal, family, work, financial and other challenges.

Home Telemonitoring Services — Monitoring system available seven days per week in addition to scheduled HomeCare visits. This telemonitoring system monitors patient activity from a centralized location. It provides proactive care and modification of care according to the patient’s daily clinical information. Information includes blood pressure, pulse, respiration, weight and oxygen saturation level.

Home Infusion Therapy — Skilled HomeCare assists patients who use an IV (intravenous treatment) and offers a full range of infusion products. A registered nurse trains the caregiver how to administer the IV and regularly checks on the IV line. The major services provided are IV antibiotic therapy with line maintenance, total parenteral nutrition and pain management.

All of our homecare programs are certified by Medicare, Medicaid and the Indiana State Board of Health and accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Homecare services can be established for a family member or loved one by calling the IU Health La Porte VNA Services office at 219.871.8100 or 800.822.5378. Fees and terms will be determined at that time. The IU Health La Porte VNA Services offices are located at 901 S. Woodland Ave., Michigan City.

The La Porte Hospital Foundation HomeCare and Hospice Fund is available to donors who chose to make gifts of gratitude to support their activities.

If you are seeking an alternative to at-home care for your loved one, The Continuing Care Center may provide a transitional period of care for those recuperating from serious illnesses. Long term care is available for those who live alone or have health problems requiring care beyond the ability of family members.