Requesting LifeLine

By calling IU Health LifeLine, doctors ignite a chain of command that brings highly skilled clinicians and technologies directly to the patient. Because IU Health LifeLine is fully equipped with technologies found in an intensive care unit, we are able to treat and stabilize the most complex cases during transport. The true value of IU Health LifeLine is our ability to bring the nationally recognized level of care to patients and communities throughout Indiana.

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Care Coordination

The IU Health 24/7 Transfer Center and Communications Center are central to IU Health LifeLine. Staffed by experienced critical care nurses and technicians, all aspects of a patient transfer are coordinated in one central location.

Transfers can be made from any hospital or scene – locally, regionally or nationally. Once a call is made, the transfer center team alerts IU Health LifeLine to begin the patient transfer. They then connect referring physicians with the receiving physician and EMS responders with transport specialists. The communications center team keeps a constant watch on weather conditions and air and ground traffic to ensure all transports are made in a safe and efficient manner.

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Patient Transfers877.247.1177

Statewide Coverage

IU Health LifeLine critical care transport has five bases strategically located to meet the needs of patients throughout Indiana. Collectively, we have the ability to reach every patient in Indiana by air or ground. Our statewide coverage gives patients priority access to Indiana’s only nationally recognized healthcare system.

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Modes of Transport

IU Health LifeLine is powered by eight teams and two modes of transport – air and ground. By air, we fly an EC145 – the largest, most advanced helicopter for medical air transport in the nation. On the ground, our fleet of Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs), or critical care ambulances, equipped with advanced technologies to treat the most critically ill and injured patients. Should weather or patient need be an issue, IU Health LifeLine has the unique ability to back up flight with ground support. This additional support gives adult and pediatric patients access to Indiana's only nationally recognized medical center, regardless of the situation.

Patient Transfers877.247.1177

Team Approach

  • LifeLine Team
  • Adult/Peds Team
  • PEDS/NEO Team
  • Receiving Physician

On call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our highly skilled teams are certified and extremely experienced.

Comprised of an RN and a paramedic, the adult team is transported by either a pilot or an EMT – depending on mode of transport. IU Health LifeLine also has the ability to bring onboard a High-Risk OB RN or a Pediatric Neonatal RN, depending on the type of patient being transported.

All pediatric and neonatal transfers require an RN and a registered respiratory therapist (RRT), flown by a pilot or driven by an EMT. We also have the ability to bring a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP), depending on the severity of the case.

Thanks to the transfer center, the communication center and satellite tracking, the receiving team knows every detail about the patient who is arriving. This level of coordination ensures expedient access and the most advanced level of care upon arrival.

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