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You want a Medicare Advantage plan that's smart, that's affordable and that provides the tools you need to live life to its fullest. Indiana University Health Plans does that. We have plans that give you direct access to the highly skilled doctors of Indiana University Health, a name Indiana trusts for healthcare. To get started, you can request an In-Person Consultation, a free Benefits and Enrollment Guide or reserve your spot at a Medicare Advantage Seminar near you.

Medicare Advantage
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Our three Medicare Advantage plan options include:

  • An expanded network of doctors and hospitals—including IU Health and more than 45 additional hospitals and hundreds of in-network doctors across the state
  • Premiums as low as $0 per month
  • No medical or drug deductibles
  • Affordable co-pays for doctor visits and lab tests as low as $0
  • Vision, dental and hearing benefits
  • Prescription drug coverage in some plan options
  • Maximum out of pocket amounts
  • Fitness center reimbursements
  • Convenience of Same-Day appointments with IU Health primary care physicians, where available

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Learn more about our Medicare Advantage plan options from one of our knowledgeable representatives by attending an upcoming seminar near you. View or search for upcoming seminars below, or visit the IU Health Plans Medicare Advantage Website to view all scheduled seminars.

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Choose a Medicare Advantage plan that's right for you.


Call 866.311.9327 now to choose a Medicare Advantage plan that's right for you.