2015 IU Health Plans Select Plan

Below, you will find a snapshot of the IU Health Plans 2015 Select Plan HMO as well as links to its Summary of Benefits.

The IU Health Plans Select Plan HMO offers: Extras, such as enhanced dental and vision, but does not include prescription drug coverage.




Reduces your Part B Premium up to $25 ea. month

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Annual Deductible $0
Inpatient-Hospital/Mental Health

Inpatient Days 1-7 $250/day
Mental Health Days 1-6 $250/day

Skilled Nursing (No hospital stay required)

Days 1-20  $0/day
Days 21-100 $150/day

Home Health $0
Primary Care Physician $0
Specialist $30
Chiropractor $20
Podiatry $15
Outpatient Surgery $265
Ambulance  $225
Emergency  $65
Urgent Care $50
Durable Medical Equipment 20%
Diabetic Supplies $0
Diagnostic Tests/Lab $10
X-rays/Therapeutic Radiology


Diagnostic Radiology $125
Part B Covered Drugs 20%
Preventive Screenings $0
Annual Physical Exam $0
Fitness Center Membership up to $200 reimbursement/yr.
Preventive Dental $10
Routine Vision Exam $0
Eyeglasses (lenses/frames) $40
Out-of-Pocket Maximum Protection $4,750
Plan Limit No Limit
Annual Deductible $0
Tier 1 (Preferred Generic) Not covered
Tier 2 (Non-preferred Generic) Not covered
Tier 3 (Preferred Brand) Not covered
Tier 4 (Non-preferred Brand) Not covered
Tier 5 (Specialty) Not covered
Coverage Gap after $2,960 until out-of-pocket is reached ($4,700) Not covered
Summary of Benefits Detailed Benefits Comparison


The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information contact us about the plan. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. Benefits may change on January 1st of each year.

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