Medicare Resources is the official government website for Medicare. It gives you up- to-date information about Medicare and current Medicare issues. It also has information about hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, home health agencies, and dialysis facilities. It includes booklets you can print directly from your computer. You can also find Medicare contacts in your state by selecting “Help and Support” and then clicking on “Useful Phone Numbers and Websites.”

The Medicare website also has detailed information about your Medicare eligibility and enrollment options with the following tools:

  • Medicare Eligibility Tool: Provides Medicare eligibility status information. Select “Find Out if You’re Eligible.”
  • Medicare Plan Finder: Provides personalized information about available Medicare prescription drug plans, Medicare health plans, and Medigap (Medicare Supplement Insurance) policies in your area. Select “Health & Drug Plans” and then “Compare Drug and Health Plans” or “Compare Medigap Policies.” These tools provide an estimate of what your out- of-pocket costs might be in different Medicare plans.

If you don’t have a computer, your local library or senior center may be able to help you visit this website using its computer. Or, you can call Medicare at the number above and tell them what information you are looking for. They will find the information on the website, print it out, and send it to you.

To visit the Medicare website click here.

Social Security Administration

The Government’s official Social Security website includes a Medicare resources page where you can search for information about Medicare eligibility and enrollment, or order a replacement Medicare card.

To visit the Social Security Administration website click here

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