Volunteer Opportunities

Indiana University Health has over 100 different volunteer opportunities available in their downtown hospitals. Below are just a few examples of the many opportunities.

Clerical & Administrative Opportunities

Clerical / Administrative Support Volunteers

Volunteers assist and provide support to team members in an effort to enable organizational operations and effective service. General responsibilities include: answering phone calls, hand-addressing envelopes, and tending to other pertinent clerical activities. Opportunity requires strong customer service skills and legible handwriting.

Customer Service Opportunities


Volunteers assist patient visitor representatives by proactively greeting, escorting, and familiarizing patients, families, and visitors with their respective destinations within our Hospitals. Opportunity requires strong communication skills, and requires extensive walking.

Gift Shop

Volunteers assist team members by stocking and inventorying merchandise, assisting customers, and creating a quality-customer service environment. Opportunity requires strong customer service skills and may require extensive walking.

Direct / Indirect Patient Contact Opportunities


The Hospice Program is designed to provide comfort and support services to patients, families, and visitors on the Hospice Unit located in Methodist Hospital. Program participants are required to complete the general volunteer on-boarding process, plus a six-week hospice training program that serves to better educate the volunteer on issues pertinent to the program. For more information, contact the hospice coordinator at 317-962-5000.

Unit-Patient Liaison Programs

Unit-patient liaison volunteers are assigned to inpatient units within the hospital to provide signature customer and support services to patients, families and team members. UPL responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, rounding throughout the unit to check on patients, answering call lights and communicating the patient needs to the proper team member, stocking unit closets, assisting patients with ordering Classic Cuisine menus, visiting with patients and families, preparing unit welcome packets, and general clerical duties related to the unit. These opportunities require good communication skills, self-motivation and ability to work independently, extensive walking, and a general sensitivity towards appropriate patient-volunteer experience.

Out-Patient Liaison Program

Out-patient liaison volunteers provide customer services to patients, families, and visitors, including but not limited to acting as a liaison between waiting on patients and assisting clinical team members, offering support during scheduled appointments or treatments and directing patients, families and visitors to other resources within the facility, while providing team members with support services such as maintaining a steady flow of patients through exam rooms, maintaining the cleanliness of exam rooms and waiting areas and transporting medical information and materials between clinics.

Patient Visitor Program

This program designed to provide signature-quality customer service and attention to patients by making unit rounds throughout the hospital to enhance their experience. Volunteers stroll though various units with a cart, providing patients with a variety of activities. This opportunity requires advanced communication skills, self-motivation, and extensive walking.


Pastoral Care Volunteer

Volunteers meet and greet all newly-admitted patients to inform them of chaplaincy services and to relay information for follow-up visits. General responsibilities include: providing new patients with pre-printed "Pastoral Care" cards, tending to Bible requests, and scheduling follow-up pastoral visits for patients. Opportunity requires strong communication skills, extensive training, and a second interview.

Eucharist Minister Volunteer

Volunteer offers communion to Catholic patients, as assigned; makes referrals for patients requesting follow-up visits with a chaplain and assists with Mass as needed. Opportunity requires good communication skills, extensive training, and coordination through the chaplaincy department.