The ePartners technology, similar to an air traffic control room, provides an extra layer of safety and quality for critically ill patients. Indiana University Health ePartners improves patient outcomes by providing early intervention if patients show any sign of deteriorating and by providing a second layer of experienced care providers.

The remote team even has camera access that can zoom in on a patient's pupil or check medication details. The onsite and remote teams communicate by microphone and work together to determine care decisions.

Since there is no substitute for human interaction, the bedside team remains the front line of care for the critical patient. However, ePartners provides a second set of eyes watching out for the safety and quality care of patients. So there is always someone watching and caring for your loved one.

The ePartners team does virtual rounds on the sickest patients every hour and on stable patients every two hours. They are true partners with the nurses and physicians at the bedside. The American Association of Critical Care Nurses awarded IU Health ePartners the Circle of Excellence Award in 2008.