Biomedical Communication

The focus of Biomedical Communication is to provide assistance to investigators in two specific and essential areas—grant writing/editing and the visual expression of scientific ideas. We offer grant writing aid to help investigators establish a compelling case to justify funding and to highlight how the research project fits into the mission of the funding agency. MRI Biomedical Communication services are available to assist researchers with developing a cohesive story that outlines the current scientific problem and how their research addresses that need. Throughout the process, editing services are also provided to ensure cleanly presented submissions.

With an advanced education in life sciences and visual communication, the MRI medical illustrator works closely with scientists and physicians to produce visual materials to supplement and clarify manuscripts and grant proposals. Images can range from simple diagrams created to explain a process to more complex illustrations that show anatomical relationships or surgical procedures. We consult with investigators to develop the right visual solution for each project.


Elaine Bammerlin