The biorepository has IRB approval to obtain and store specimens of interest to many investigators. The primary source of material is from surgical sources. However, we also collect blood, urine, hair, and nails as requested. When fresh tissue is not required, the material is frozen at -80 to -120ºC. All specimens are annotated with caTissue software. Most of our collections are obtained by request of an investigator and released to the investigator based on their IRB approved protocol. Samples that are available can be viewed in caTissue and are available to any investigator at Methodist Hospital or within the IU Health system. Our samples are also available to other investigators at a nominal fee on request.

In the past seven years, members of the biorepository team have collected over 37,000 specimens from almost 4,500 consented patients. One hundred and thirty Methodist physicians have become active participants in the program, and over 10,500 biological specimens have been distributed to internal as well as external collaborators.


Veronika Slivova