Medical Illustration

When words alone are not adequate, a unique image may be needed to explain a scientific process or promote a discovery. Medical illustration can visualize new pathways in research, demonstrate surgical techniques and simplify processes.

Illustrations are created to tell a story. They are most effective when they are fully integrated into the project. For example, when an illustration is to be used in the context of a journal article, sharing the manuscript with the illustrator will ensure that the image supports the text.

The questions below will help guide your project:

How will the illustrations be used?
Will the image be used for a grant proposal, manuscript submission, presentation, or web page? Each use has a different set of requirements. Does the illustration need to fit into a journal column width (suggesting a vertical layout) or a presentation format (suggesting a horizontal layout)? Will the illustration be used for one purpose or multiple purposes?

What type of illustration is needed?
Is color necessary? Color may needed to distinguish one structure from another. However, sometimes a black and white image may be more clear.

What reference materials are available?
Are there any photos, videos, dissections, surgical instruments, notes, journal articles, etc. that may be useful background material for the illustrator? 

What are the time constraints?
The time it takes to complete each illustration varies, depending on the type of illustration, the reference material provided, and the illustrator’s schedule. 


Illustrations created at IU Health Methodist Research Institute are the property of IU Health. For journal submissions, a permission form will be provided to the journal to allow for print and web usage when requested.

To discuss your illustration needs for research, please contact Elaine Bammerlin (317.962.6461).