Senior Investigator

Dr. John Bright

Dr. Bright was born on May 15th 1958 in Machakonam, Kannyakumari District of Tamil Nadu, India where he received his early school education. Dr. Bright earned his B.Sc. (1980), M.Sc. (1985) and M.Phil. (1986) degrees in Zoology while at Madurai Kamaraj University in Tamil Nadu, India. In 1993, he received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of Kerala in Trivandrum, India. Then he served as a post-doctoral fellowship for two years at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad, India.

Dr. Bright immigrated to America in 1994 and spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow in the Neurology Department at Vanderbilt. From 1996-98, he worked as a Research Associate in the Neurology department, supported by an advanced postdoctoral fellowship from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. From 1998-99 Dr. Bright served on the faculty as Instructor of Neurology, and in 1999 he was made a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Neurology at Vanderbilt. He also served as Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and a member of the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center while at Vanderbilt. After serving six years on the faculty of Neurology and pharmacology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville TN, Dr. Bright moved to Indianapolis in 2005 as Senior Investigator and founding director of the Neuroscience Research Laboratory at the Methodist Research Institute.

Dr. Bright's research interests are relevant to cancer, stem cell, inflammation and autoimmune diseases of the brain. His research has been funded by NIH and NMSS and he participates in grant reviews for NIH and other foundations. Dr. Bright has received several honors and awards and published several manuscripts in peer reviewed Journals. He is a member of American Association of Immunologists, American Association for Cancer Research, International Society of Neuroimmunology and International Society for Stem Cell Research.

Honors and Awards

  • Advanced postdoctoral fellowship, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, USA, (1996-98)
  • Junior Faculty travel award of the American Association of Immunologists (2003 and 2004)
  • Researcher/Clinician of the month, Functional Medicine Update, a monthly audio Journal synthesized by Jeffrey Bland, Gig Harbor, WA, USA (2006)
  • Regular Member of the American Association of Immunologists, USA, (1999-present)
  • Active Member of the American Association for Cancer Research (2003-present)
  • Member of the International Society of Neuroimmunology (2006-present)
  • Member of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (2006-present)

Contact Dr. Bright

John J. Bright, PhD
Senior Investigator
Neuroscience Research Laboratory
Methodist Research Institute
1800 N Capitol Ave, Noyes Bldg E504C
Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA
Office: 317-962-8722
Lab: 317-962-5659; 9754; 8122; 0741
FAX: 317-962-9369