Indiana University Health Hospice provides comfort to patients during the final stages of life. We are committed to providing personalized service and a coordinated plan of care to help terminally ill patients retain control and quality of life during their remaining days.

The main goal of hospice is to provide compassionate care that meets the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of patients facing the end of life. The integrated, family-centered team of trained professionals at IU Health understands how to assist patients during this time of transition, while helping them to carry out personal choices. Hospice care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to anyone facing a life-limiting illness with a life expectancy of six months or less. We attend to patients wherever they reside—at home, in assisted living facilities or in the hospital.

The Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital Hospice team is made up of an interdisciplinary group of specialized physicians, nurses, social workers and other trained staff. This team provides complete end-of-life care, while promoting wellness and maintaining respect for individual needs and concerns. Frequent communication between clinical staff and a patient’s primary care physician ensures that patient and family needs are met and constantly reassessed.

Our team provides specialized end-of-life care including:

  • Nursing visits
  • Respite care for caregivers
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Medical social work
  • Spiritual care
  • Counseling services
  • 24-hour, on-call support and service
  • Family support and education
  • Inpatient hospital care for emergencies
  • Bereavement program and family grief support
  • Support groups and seminars

We consistently exceed the state and national benchmarks for patient satisfaction. We also conduct institutional, board-reviewed clinical research regarding end-of-life management, helping to advance hospice knowledge and procedures.


Donations to IU Health Hospice help provide a vital lifeline to patients and families. Your gift is greatly appreciated and will be used to provide an environment of care that focuses on compassionate care, patient comfort and family support. Please mail your donation to:

IU Health Hospice
Embracing Hope Center
1828 North Illinois St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Social Services

Patients may choose to have a social worker as part of their care team. Social workers attend to both the practical and counseling needs of the patient and family including:

  • Arranging for durable medical equipment
  • Providing discharge planning (from hospital to home)
  • Assisting with funeral and burial arrangements
  • Serving as a liaison with community agencies
  • Locating services to address financial or legal matters
  • Assessing anxiety, depression, role changing and caregiver stress

Yellow Rose Patient Care

Should an emergency arise that requires hospital care for an IU Health Hospice patient, the Yellow Rose Patient Care Unit at IU Health Methodist Hospital is available. It features 12 private rooms and experienced medical and professional staff. The Yellow Rose Patient Care Unit is designed with a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. Family, friends, children and pets are always welcome to visit. The unit includes a family kitchen, a laundry room and a library for hospice patients and their loved ones. Live musicians perform several times a week and stereos in each room offer a home-like feel.

The unit also offers a residential care option for IU Health Hospice patients whose symptoms are controlled. Residential patients pay a daily rate to live on the unit. This fee provides the same integrated support that the hospice care team offers to those who live at home.

For hospice patients who live outside Marion County, our hospice care team will assist with living arrangements in hospitals and long-term care facilities served by IU Health Hospice.

Volunteer Care

The IU Health Hospice team is supported by a generous number of trained volunteers. These caring individuals provide hospice patients and their families with support and respite care. Volunteers are an important resource for helping patients stay connected with community groups and activities, or facilitating special projects such as memoirs or letters to family members. Our volunteer coordinator trains and coordinates the scheduling of each volunteer who visits the hospice patient's home.

As the heart of hospice, trained volunteers help in many different areas, home care, inpatient care, bereavement or administrative. Volunteers provide these services:

  • Offering friendship/companionship
  • Visiting a patient while family members run errands
  • Helping a patient write letters or keep a journal
  • Reading to a patient
  • Watching TV or listening to music with the patient
  • Helping with light housework
  • Creating keepsakes

Volunteers are also helpful in providing the hospice care team with valuable feedback and insight regarding patient and family needs.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities and upcoming training classes, call 866.272.5083 and ask for our volunteer coordinator.

Chaplain Services

Chaplain services are available by patient choice to help families sustain their religious practices when a family member is nearing the end of life. A chaplain provides spiritual counseling and helps both patients and their families cope with illness, dying and grief by drawing strength through religious and spiritual beliefs. In addition, the role of the chaplain is to ensure the patient’s particular religious or spiritual beliefs and practices are respected. He or she may conduct funeral and memorial services as requested by the family.

Veterans Program

IU Health Hospice offers a unique experience for patients who are veterans of the United States Armed Services. A bedside pinning ceremony can be arranged to thank and recognize veteran patients. Volunteers, also veterans, present patients with a flag pin and share stories of their time in service to our country. Many times veterans have not talked about their experiences and this special ceremony offers a time for patients to reminisce and share stories with family and friends.

Alternative Care

The IU Health Hospice team, in conjunction with hospice volunteers, offers complementary and alternative services to help improve the quality of life for our patients. These therapies include:

  • Music therapy. Certified music practitioners provide live, acoustic and therapeutic music at the bedside.
  • Massage therapy. Massage assists in pain management and symptom relief.
  • Energy therapy (Reiki). An ancient healing touch therapy, energy therapy helps restore the balance of the body's physical, mental and emotional levels.
  • Art therapy. Using the creative process, art therapy helps improve and enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • Pet therapy. Research shows that patients who have regular visits from pets are more receptive to medical treatment and nourishment.

Additional Contact Information

For Patients
317.962.0800 or call toll free: 866.272.5083

For Physicians

We are located at:
1828 N. Illinois St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202