Giving birth is a life-changing experience. We want to make it as memorable as possible. At the Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital Maternity Center, we offer you many birthing options. Our center provides the expertise of a full-service hospital, including support to high-risk patients, along with holistic options you may desire.

Prenatal Care

As you anticipate the birth of your child, we can help every step of the way. As soon as you know you are expecting, contact your physician or nurse midwife to schedule your first prenatal visit; ideally, that should take place in the first three months of your pregnancy.

You can also sign up for some of the many prenatal childbirth education classes we offer. Our classes educate you about pregnancy, childbirth and the early months of parenting. If you are expecting multiple births, we can provide education and support for that as well. You may also schedule a tour of the maternity center.

Our Staff

In addition to Obstetricians, we have several Certified Nurse Midwives on staff who are supported by a team of OB Hospitalists. We also have several Family Medicine Physicians who are trained to care for both you and your baby throughout  your pregnancy, and beyond.

We offer Perinatal Outreach Education classes to IU Health RN's and to RN's outside of IU Health.  To obtain a current class schedule of Perinatal Education classes, please email our Administrative Assistant, Amy Allison.

Our Facilities

Each of our private, home-like rooms provides modern, comfortable surroundings, including a pull-out bed for your partner. Depending on the medical needs of you and your baby, you may choose options including:

  • Hydrotherapy and Water Birth - The use of warm water, or hydrotherapy, often decreases labor discomfort. You may labor in a tub and then deliver in a birthing bed or you may elect to deliver in the water.  Water birth is a gentle way of welcoming your baby into the world. Water birth benefits babies as well. After months of living in the watery environment of a womb, being born into a tub of water is a comfortable transition. Of course, if you have complications, medical help is immediately available.
  • Birthing balls, massage therapy and aromatherapy
  • Wireless fetal monitoring
  • Self-hypnosis techniques via Hypnobabies Childbirth Preparation — This is a complete childbirth education course that teaches medical hypnosis techniques to mothers so that they can enter hypnosis, deepen it themselves and remain mobile and aware during birth, completely comfortable at all times.

When medical needs can't allow for these options, you are surrounded by state of the art equipment needed to support both you and your baby during childbirth.

Breastfeeding Center

New parents want to give their babies the very best.  When it comes to nutrition, the best first food for babies is breastmilk.  IU Health Methodist Hospital is committed to promoting and supporting breastfeeding and is proud to be a Baby Friendly designated Hospital, the first in Indiana!  We are here to help you and your baby have an enjoyable breastfeeding experience so you can reach your breastfeeding goals. The Breastfeeding Center at IU Health Methodist Hospital provides 7 day per week lactation care by registered nurses who are board certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, the gold standard in lactation care.  IU Health offers a number of services before, during, and after birth to help prepare mothers to breastfeed.  Prenatal breastfeeding classes are available before the birth of your baby; visits to your hospital room by a lactation consultant after you have given birth; and after you leave the hospital, we are available for telephone and in person consultations.  Breastfeeding Support groups meet weekly at various IU Health sites, after you leave the hospital. We are also available for telephone and in person consultations.  To schedule a consultation, call 317.962.6906.

Mother-Infant Bonding

At IU Health Methodist we support the childbirth recovery process with extra attention devoted to infant bonding time in our Mother-Baby Unit. We do not separate mothers from newborns unless there is a safety or medical need. You waited almost 10 months to meet your baby and we give our families the opportunity to recover together. We encourage parents to remain with their infant during the hospital stay. We only take our infants to an Infant Treatment room for a safety or medical need. Please enjoy this time to bond with your infant.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

If your baby is expected to require intensive support after birth, a special team from our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) will be present at your delivery to provide the care your baby needs. Methodist Hospital has a Level III NICU staffed by neonatologists from Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health to provide care to critically ill babies. Our staff will help you prepare for your baby's special needs as you return home.

Pathways Support Program

The Pathways support program at IU Health Methodist Hospital offers compassionate care for families who face serious complications with their unborn baby, or experience a loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage, stillbirth and death soon after birth. We are willing to be your guide and companion throughout this overwhelming and life-changing experience.

Families have taught us that grief is personal. Caregivers offer personalized options for care prior to admission, throughout your hospital stay, after discharge and as long as you need.  As a Pathways Caregiver, we promise to:

  • Stay connected through phone calls and cards
  • Suggest ways to work through grief, such as reading, writing, finding Internet groups or community support groups, etc.
  • Send newsletter and other items about coping with grief on a regular basis
  • Most of all, we promise to understand and honor your grief and remember your baby even when others “move on”.

Our Caregiving Service is optional and you can decline the service anytime. If we can be of service please let us know. We would like to help.

Please call Kim Taylor, our Pathways Support Coordinator, at 317-962-8153 for more information about these services.


Upcoming Services

"Burial of Ashes" Miscarriage Service
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Family-centered Care

The first few days after childbirth are a special time for you and your family to bond with your newborn. We welcome all people whom you deem as "your family" to visit you during this time. In other words, we don't limit family to your nuclear family. Instead, we allow you, the new mother and father, to define who your family is. We are also here to meet your physical, cultural, spiritual and social needs during this special time in the life of your family. Read about our Patient Stories.

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