Advanced neurosurgical services are provided by the Indiana University Health neurosurgical team. Technological improvements have allowed us to improve patient outcomes and safety. For example, image-guided surgeries are increasing at IU Health Methodist Hospital, allowing surgeons to view three-dimensional images inside the brain or spine as they are operating. Approximately 300 of these image-guided neurological surgeries were performed in 2008 at IU Health Methodist Hospital.

Diagnostic and technology advancements have benefited patients with tumors or spinal conditions, as well as patients with cranial aneurysms. IU Health Methodist Hospital is the first hospital in Indianapolis to begin using fluorescent dyes to ensure proper clipping of aneurysms during the surgery. If there is not proper clip placement, the dye immediately shows this, and the surgeon can immediately fix the problem, preventing further complications. Substantial advancements in craniotomies have also been made recently at IU Health Methodist Hospital.

IU Health Methodist Hospital receives many referrals from neurologists and other physicians across the state. Our team includes skilled neurosurgeons, neuropathologists, interventional radiologists, anesthesiologists and a well-trained nursing team.

Patients and visitors to the neurosurgery unit, take the main elevator to the second floor. If you are having neurosurgery at IU Health Methodist Hospital, please follow your physician's instructions carefully and read Preparing for Surgery. Our neurosurgical team performs a high volume of many types of surgeries, and is also skilled in handling the most complex or severe cases. We are dedicated to providing patients and their family members with the best care and comfort.