Surgery Preparation

Prior to your surgery at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital, your doctor may recommend you have some tests done, generally the week before. These include lab, EKG or other tests your physician has ordered. This is called the Pre-admission Testing process.

The Day of Your Surgery

It's very important that you follow your doctor's directions regarding when to stop eating prior to surgery, what medications you should or should not take, or other specific guidelines.

Please arrive by your scheduled check-in time to allow for the surgical team to make a thorough assessment and preparation for surgery. This time will likely be several hours before your surgery is scheduled to begin to allow our team time to prepare you for surgery.

A Rapid Assessment Team

A Rapid Assessment Team is in place to quickly address any concerns you or a family member have during your stay at IU Health Methodist Hospital. If you have any questions or concerns, please call your nurse, or ask to speak to the charge nurse. You'll have a list of phone numbers in your room to reach a Patient Advocate or a member of the Rapid Assessment Team. The team will respond to your needs within 15 minutes.

What to Bring to Your Surgery (And What Not to Bring)

Your doctor's office will provide information on any items to bring. Generally, the only things you need are your insurance card, your living will and your medications list. Please bring a detailed list of all medications you take daily or occasionally, including prescription and over-the-counter medications. Include how often you take it and what the dosage is. You may use this medication form.

If you have packed a suitcase for your recovery, please have a family member leave it in the car until after your surgery. You will not need any personal items, pajamas, toiletries, etc. until you are in recovery. To support a safe environment for you during your surgery, you will not be able to take anything into the OR, including wedding rings or any jewelry, rosaries or other items. If a ring cannot be removed, it will need to be cut off in case of swelling. Do not bring anything of value, such as wallets, purses or cell phones. It is best to leave your personal items with a loved one, who can bring them to you when you need them. This includes hearing aids, dentures or similar items.

Pre-Admission Testing

Prior to your surgery, your physician should refer you to our Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) area. The testing performed there will ensure that your physicians have all the information needed for successful treatment. The appointment should take approximately two hours, depending on the tests needed and your health history. Please call the PAT area at 317.963.6260 to schedule your appointment at a convenient time. Physicians may send referrals by fax to 317.963.6266.

The Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) area is located on the first floor in Room D1414, next to the outpatient lab and breast center. The closest parking is Garage 2. Our hours are 8 am to 5:30 pm. Monday through Friday. Referrals are needed to see the hospitalist. Please bring your insurance card and a list of any medications you are taking with dosages and frequency.

When you come in for testing, some or all of the following may be done:

  1. Height, weight and vital signs will be taken.
  2. Blood draws, urine sample will be obtained.
  3. EKG/CXR will be done if needed.
  4. You may eat, drink or take your meds as scheduled.
  5. You will get a physical exam from the hospitalist.
  6. A review of your medical history will be done.
  7. A nursing assessment will be done.
  8. You will be provided preoperative information and instructions.
  9. For ortho patients, joint classes may be scheduled.
  10. Clearance for surgery will be issued as appropriate.
  11. Follow-up post-op visits by the hospitalist/nurse practitioner or physician assistant will be scheduled.
  12. Reports will be sent to your primary care physician(s).

We recommend you complete your PAT visit approximately one week prior to the surgery.