Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

When you need critical care, the Level I trauma center at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital is prepared to offer you the care you need—but most severe injuries can be prevented. At IU Health Methodist, our mission is to decrease the number of severe injuries across our state. That’s why we’re working to increase awareness about acute injury causes and to share effective strategies for prevention. Our dedicated team develops injury prevention programs based on the incidents we see in the Emergency Room, using the information we acquire to help create a safer environment outside of the hospital and providing our patients, families and communities with the necessary knowledge to help keep them safer.

Programs at IU Health Methodist include:

ThinkFirst for Teens: is a National Injury Prevention Foundation that educates young people about personal vulnerability and risk taking.

Matter of Balance for Falls Prevention: is a program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults.

Distracted/Impaired Driving: is a free program to participants of all ages to experience a state of the art virtual driver that simulates both distracted and impaired driving and illustrates the consequences of choices made behind the wheel.

Beth’s Legacy of Hope: is designed to help healthcare providers appropriately screen for and respond to victims of domestic violence – be patients or peers – in order to prevent future domestic violence injuries or deaths.

Fatal Vision: is an experience on how alcohol impairs a person’s balance, vision, reaction time, and judgment

Balance Clinic: is a comprehensive balance program employing a multi-disciplinary approach to serve the balance needs of patients within the IU Health patient population. 

SBIRT: If a trauma patient test positive for drugs or alcohol, then a trained healthcare provider performs a brief intervention. The intervention discusses the positive screen and gives the patient treatment options which include intensive outpatient therapy for drugs and alcohol. 

Indiana Fall Prevention Coalition (INFPC): is committed to improving the well-being of older adults and at risk individuals in Indiana by raising awareness of fall prevention, reducing fall related injuries and effecting policy change through leadership, advocacy and education.

IU Health Domestic Violence Coalition (IUHDVC): Goal is to increase awareness on issues related to Domestic Violence by providing resources, educational opportunities, and outreach to IU Health employees and patients. 

College Safety 101: is a program is geared towards seniors in High School who are planning on attending college. The key to keeping this population safe while at college is to work with students before they leave, and make sure they are well educated on daily precautions they can take to help protect their safety.

To learn more about these and other injury prevention programs at IU Health Methodist, contact:

Jill Castor BSN, RN, SANE-A
Injury Prevention Coordinator-Trauma Services
IU Health Methodist Hospital