Indiana University Health Morgan seeks out and hires professionals in all medical disciplines and provides them with a wholesome atmosphere in which to work. We believe that every staff member has an opportunity to be an ambassador and help to make us successful. Through their talents and skills and daily work, they uphold and demonstrate our commitment to our mission, vision and values.

Our team of professionals work cooperatively to provide the highest quality healthcare to our patients. We have state-of-the-art technology and facilities operated by highly skilled and trained health care professionals. We encourage our staff to develop professionally and personally. We are determined to keep pace and continue as a leader in the healthcare field.

We are committed to legal and ethical conduct through prevention, detection, investigation, retribution free reporting and resolution of any conduct that does not c0onform to federal or state laws, regulations or rules of private health care programs.

Employment at Indiana University Health Morgan is challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.

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