The Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Indiana University Health Morgan, was established in 1997 to generate financial resources to benefit IU Health Morgan and the many patients the local public hospital serves.

We solicit and manage donations for a variety of projects including facility enhancements, medical equipment, medical programs and services, and patient care for people who receive treatment but are unable to pay for care.

As research develops, new care methods and technology become more sophisticated and updated equipment and facilities are needed. Those who support The Foundation provide the financial support to accommodate these items.

Rapid developments in medicine are increasingly challenged by insurance changes and decreasing goverment reimbursement. Patient revenue alone can not keep pace with need.

Gifts from individuals make Indiana University Health Morgan stronger. In fact, charitable contributions support many new programs and services that have no other means of funding.

What started with the Hussey family's generous gift has become a legacy of caring which continues to impact the lives of Morgan County families.

You too can step forward to champion your community hospital by making a donation to The Foundation at Indiana University Health Morgan and carry on the giving legacy the Hussey Family started for this community.

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