Oncology (Regional Cancer Center)


The Regional Cancer Center offers comprehensive care for oncology patients and their families. It is located close on the campus of the main hospital at Indiana University Health Morgan. The Center's collaborative practice model focuses on each individual’s needs providing state-of-the-art medical, surgical, radiation, psychological and emotional care. Patients experience consistent, ongoing treatment from physicians and nurses who work together on all aspects of care.

Your healthcare providers are available to assist you and your family as you begin your cancer treatment. Oncology physicians are board certified and all oncology nurses participate in intensive training programs enabling physicians and nurses to maintain the highest level of knowledge and competence in the ever changing science of Oncology. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality cancer care possible. Through our collaborative practice model we ensure comprehensive and holistic care and support to each patient and their family.

Oncology hematologists are physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our Oncology/Hematology physicians offer a wide range of interventions including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy to treat cancer and associated conditions.

Radiation oncologists specialize in the use of radiation therapy for cancer patients. Treatments available at our facility includes state-of-the-art IMRT (Intense Modulated Radiation Therapy) and IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy) which enables our physicians to isolate a specific area with pinpoint accuracy. Your physician discusses your treatment options thoroughly making certain you are comfortable with treatment plan decisions and know what to expect.

The team also includes a nutritionist who is available to address the dietary concerns of people undergoing treatment for cancer. Room service is offerred to patients as well. It allows patients to order what they want to eat, when they want to eat. The Center offers a menu containing restaurant style selections.

Helping patients adjust to living with cancer is the goal of the extensive array of psychosocial support services provided by clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, postdoctoral fellows in psychology and bereavement counselors. A brief psychosocial screening evaluates the distress level of patients and may result in supportive psychotherapy during chemotherapy treatments; additional psychotherapy to address emotional reactions and family issues; treatment of depression and anxiety; and individual, group and family bereavement services. A social worker offers support with non-medical cancer problems – linking you to community resources including home care, support groups and transportation, as well as assisting you in insurance coverage and financial concerns. Chaplains are available to offer emotional support and spiritual counsel.

Hours of operation 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday

For questions call: Vicki Elliff Marsh at 765.349.6533.