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Back & Neck Pain

Back and/or neck pain can originate from a variety of causes, including sprains and fractures, dislocations, stress from overuse, obesity, infections and congenital disorders. Your spine is divided into five zones of vertebrae: the neck or cervical spine, the mid-back or thoracic spine, the lower back or lumbar spine, the base of the spine or sacrum, and the tailbone or coccyx. Pain generated from each area can have different causes.

Some of these conditions include:

To treat your back and/or neck pain, your physician must first determine the cause. Your medical history, a physical exam and certain diagnostic tests, including imaging, are used to diagnose the origins of your pain. Once your physician determines where the pain is coming from, the best treatment plan can be created to address your condition.

Back and/or neck pain can cause mild to debilitating discomfort that impacts your ability to move or use your arms and legs. Low back pain is extremely common and a leading cause of disability worldwide. Four out of five people will experience low back pain in their lifetime. At Indiana University Health, our neurologists, neurosurgeons and physiatrists offer a combination of medicines, rehabilitation, pain management techniques and surgery to reduce and remove your pain.

When you suffer from back and/or neck pain, you want relief right away. We use a specialized process to quickly determine the cause of your pain and treat it — often on the same day. Our collaborative approach means we have the resources, tools, devices and specialists to treat many back and/or spine conditions, no matter how simple or complex.

We use a wide array of diagnostic technologies and imaging tests to quickly determine the source of your back and/or neck pain and treat it promptly. The Indiana University Health Neuroscience Center is designed as a comprehensive treatment facility that fosters collaborative and interdisciplinary care with a focus on physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical therapy, neurosurgery and pain management.

The IU Health Neuroscience Center has everything you and your physician need under one roof, from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests to rehabilitation in our robotic gait (manner of walking) lab. Our affiliation with the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Neurology and the physicians at Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine gives you access to the latest research and newest treatments. We combine this expertise and experience to restore your original level of function or get you as close as possible.

Our neurosurgeons are leaders in surgical procedures used to restore joint function and preserve motion. We are pioneers in the use of intraoperative MRI scanner for brain and spine surgery at IU Health Neuroscience Center, as well as the use of an innovative mesh bone implant to improve outcomes for minimally invasive spine surgery.

Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming. Our patient advocates work with you and your family to coordinate your care, to manage financial and health insurance requirements and to follow up with you after appointments. This makes your experience efficient and straightforward, so you can focus on your health and recovery.

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Spinal Fusion Surgery
Spinal Fusion Surgery

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Back & Neck Pain Treatment Information

We use a step-by-step, treatment ladder approach to reduce and remove your back and/or neck pain and solve the problems causing your discomfort. Medicines are often the starting point, followed by physical therapy and sometimes surgery, depending on your condition.

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